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"This collection glitters like stained glass, offering an intimate portrait of someone trying to live mindfully"

-Publishers Weekly, starred review


"VANTAGE is a love poem to the creature which is the earth, to its substance and flora and fauna, including us: imperfect as each of us is in our ability to love; and loved as each of us could be. I love this essential, gorgeous work of art, and thank Taneum Bambrick for it"

–Sharon Olds

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"A stunning chaplet that weaves, through restless forms, a myriad and fleshed lie of work, love, and fierce yet tender observations of the working class. I returned to the manuscript again and again, each time finding more reasons to stay. Detail by detail, through the accretion of minutiae and the infinitesimal, the book builds and garners an entire world, replete with throttled sound, image, voice, and unforgettable lives and their living. This is poetry that encompasses, that lets no one turn away."


-Ocean Vuong

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