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-"Bambrick’s poems are lyric tightropes, walking the thin line between the real and the imaginary, and highlighting how trauma lives in a fragile present. They are equally brave in their honest exploration of sexuality and their frank admission of the struggle of such an exploration, "


-Publisher's Weekly, starred review

"Bambrick masterfully portrays how moments of intimacy can represent moments of violence — and how difficult it can be to untangle the two from each other. As the poet moves through Spain — looking at art, meeting her partner's family, coming to terms with her queerness — the memory of assault sits deep within her understanding of herself. Still, Bambrick refuses to let it define her life entirely. At every moment where the past infiltrates, the poet strikes back with the determination to own her present." 


-"One of September's "Most Anticipated Poetry Collections by An LGBTQIA+ Author,"
-LAMBDA Literary
"Her survival requires her to map these intersecting selves, revealing the reality of trauma inflicted on the queer, female body, where layers of violence are concealed in the landscape of the ordinary."
-Adroit Journal
"In this finely-tuned collection, Bambrick shows us close to everything we can use for renewal"
-Intima Journal of Narrative Medicine 
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