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Praise for Vantage

"Vantage is a work of art which also functions as a call, as if from under the ground, a cry from water and air." 

Sharon Olds, from the introduction 

"There's terror and beauty in this book, disgust and tenderness, humor and an intensity truer than anger."

Daisy Fried, author of My Brother is Getting Arrested Again 

"Vantage, while shot through with grief and its documentation, is also teeming with the possible; there is between the you and you in this place what one might have been" 

Jos Charles, author of feeld 

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 1.30.52 PM.png

Taneum Bambrick sees, really sees, our America: blood on a baseball hat, purposeless dams, a wooden corn nut latched to a silver chain. Her clarity constantly surprises...It's such a rigorous vision, one that acknowledges even the violence of space, the violence of sounds, the violence that "commodities its own impact." 

Kaveh Akbar, author of Calling a Wolf a Wolf

“How do we decide what is worth killing, what is worth saving on our disappearing earth? And in a society overvaluing superficial beauty, what is our responsibility toward the ugly? Vantage instructs us to repeatedly ask and study these questions until we find a way to empathize with the neglected and unappealing living beings, our most vulnerable members of the ecosystem.”

Aria Aber, The Rumpus 

“The book is an act of empathy and patience... This perspective raises questions as to how we save ourselves, or come to terms with the end of the human era as we know it.”

Maya Marshall, Rhino

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